ROTS is a blog styled series of letters between Robert and Jared, brothers currently living thousands of miles/kilometers from each other. They share a love of reading and frustration finding good books.

Read over their shoulders as they discover the hidden gems and absolute flops.
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The older and smarter brother. I read science fiction and fantasy almost exclusively, unless it’s children’s books with the 4-year-old. Been an avid reader since second grade and found Dragonlance shortly after that. Never looked back since.
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The younger and much better-looking brother. I am part of the Potter generation, learning to and beginning to love reading through Harry Potter in about the fifth grade. I also read primarily science fiction and fantasy, but have recently discovered a number of good books in the young adult and youth genres.
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Guest Posters

The multi-talented pharmacist and married to Robert. She’ll read just about anything but has a particular weakness for Youth and Young Adult Fantasy.

Passionate about Youth, Young Adult, Teen, and Children’s books. She also enjoys romance books. Married to Jared.

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