Any compensation, books or materials given to be reviewed will be clearly stated. This in no way influences our opinion or review and we are under no obligation to give favorable reviews or recommendations.

We will always strive to be completely honest and impartial about what we choose to review, share or recommend.

New Release Announcements

Any book announced to be released is done solely at the discretion of the Brothers. These announcements are not sponsored and will never be sponsored. They are done solely as a reminder for readers and the Brothers themselves. An announcement should not be taken as a recommendation unless specifically stated. Books chosen to be announced are because a Brother is highly interested in reading it. Preceding books in the series or by the author will attempt to be read before the announcement to ensure we are announcing books we are likely to recommend. Due to the volume of new releases this isn’t always possible, and even great authors and great series can have awful new releases.

Announcements are published approximately one week before the book is set to be released. (Hardcopy release date or digital release date if it’s an eBook exclusive.) We feel that is an optimal time for placing holds at your local library, placing a pre-order, or as a reminder to stop by your local bookstore the following week.

(ROTS Tip: We’ve found most libraries have new releases in their system the week preceding their release. Sometimes months in advance. Also since they haven’t actually been released yet hold count is generally still low. This puts you close to the top of the list and one of the first to get it……once it’s been processed. My experience is 3-4 weeks to get new books into the system, but results may vary.)

Beta Reading Policy

Robert is interested/curious about Beta Reading, but doesn’t really know what to do or expect. If you are interested in enlisting his services and are willing to put up with a fair amount of noob, please contact him via the contact form or email.

Privacy Policy

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