Review Policy

Any books provided to either Brother may be shared with the other and/or their spouse for the purpose of obtaining a review. Review copies should not be sent until the request has been accepted by reply email. An accepted request does not guarantee a review, or a favorable review. We can and will critique, but we will always strive to be specific in that criticism. If a book is reviewed it will be posted here, a link shared on Facebook and Twitter, and abbreviated reviews posted to Goodreads, Amazon, Barns&Noble, and Kobo.

Please include a brief description of the book you’re requesting to be reviewed (sample chapters are acceptable too). Be sure to include any specific information in regards to a time frame or schedule that needs to be met, such as the release date or embargoes. Also, don’t forget to mention why you think we might be interested in your book. Similar books we’ve already reviewed or dragons are good examples of that.

Requests should be sent via email or the contact form below.


Request Preferences

Robert lives in the United States and is currently accepting review requests for ARC’s, and backlists from publishers/publicists, authors, and self-published authors.

  • Hardcopies are preferred, but eBooks in EPUB or MOBI are perfectly acceptable. Middle-grade, YA, and Adult audiences, and Novella or larger only.
  • Favorite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy which include: Dystopian, Post-/Apocalyptic, Futurist, Military, Hard-Science, Space Opera, Cerebral, Adventure, Epic, High Fantasy, Dragons, Saga, and the occasional Comedy or Thriller.
  • Please, NO requests for Non-Fiction, Paranormal (ghosts, hauntings, etc.), or Historical Fiction.

Jared lives in Canada and is currently accepting review requests for backlists from publishers/publicists, authors, and self-published authors.

  • Audiobooks are preferred (as long as they are well narrated), eBooks in PDF, or EPUB are acceptable. Youth, Teen, YA, and Adult audiences, and Novella or larger only.
  • Favorite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Please note, for Non-Fiction, or Paranormal (ghosts, hauntings, etc.), Jared is not the best person to review this for you.
  • “If the first one isn’t good, there won’t be any later books.”- Harriet Jordan. The first book must be good and must be a complete story. Do not try and sell me a whole multi book series when I haven’t finished the first book.


Books are placed in one of three categories. Recommended, for books we would recommend to each other, family or friends. In Dispute, for those which we disagree on, we personally didn’t like but were not necessarily poorly written, or were unable to be finished for whatever reason. Not Recommended, for books we can not, in good conscience, recommend to anyone. All of which can be found in The List.

Other platforms may require a number or star review. We dislike these systems because they are extremely limiting and never truly convey our opinion of a book, so they are not used here. However when they must be used they are usually done one point or star for characters, world setting, plot, format/style/editing, and X-factor.