Blog News: Amazon Affiliate Program [CANCELLED]

Hello my fellow book geeks,

We are a couple of months and over a dozen reviews in and this might seem like nothing compared to the big boys, but it is the result of dozens of hours of writing and I dare say hundreds of hours of reading. We ain’t be experts or highly edjimicated folks but we love what we do. And for that reason we will be introducing Amazon Affiliate links.

I think you can all agree that buying our own domain name and getting some legitimate hosting would be a worthwhile endeavor for the future. Additionally, it would allow us some extra funds to purchase eBooks from the many aspiring authors out there that our-broke-ramen-eating-student-selves would normally be unable to afford.

Let me reassure you, we have no intention of plastering the blog with ads. It’s one of the big reasons for getting our own place. You can expect an Amazon text link at the bottom of book reviews and replies for books and series we recommend. We’re going to take it slow and see where it goes from here.

All we are asking is that if you shop on Amazon and like our blog that you follow one of the affiliate links and make your purchase as normal. To be clear, you don’t even have to purchase the book we link to. Any Amazon purchases you make by following one of our links will help support the blog. It probably won’t be much, if anything at all, but every little bit helps. And, hey, if you are already buying something why not spread the love around a bit?

If you have any questions please check our Legal page or let us know below…..or use Google.

The Bros

Blog News: Amazon Affiliate Program [CANCELLED]

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