Seventh Tower Series – Book 1: The Fall – By Garth Nix

Hello Jared,

You may remember this series as the one in which the library claimed we never returned it…..but we did. We know we did.

the-fall.jpgTitle: The Fall
Series: Seventh Tower; Book 1
Author: Garth Nix
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Youth
ROTS Setting: UU/EU, Stone Age/Medieval, Magic
Synopsis: Tal has lived all his life in the Castle. When his father goes missing it’s up to him to take care of his ailing mother and younger brother and sister. In a world blanketed in darkness, he never realized there was a world beyond the walls of his home.
Recommendation: A great chapter book for an early reader. I wish this was around when I was in second grade.

This is a great little book. It’s not overly complicated and is an easy read for the most part. As I mentioned above, I really wish this had been around when I was in second grade.

The world is unique and while not super in depth it is still interesting and engaging. Sometime in the past a barrier was created to block out the sun. This leaves the world in perpetual darkness and eternal winter. “The Castle” is a fortress that reaches up and pierces “The Veil”. A caste based society lives within the Castle which is tied to the light and colors. This society entirely dependent on sunstones, magical stones that emit light. These sunstones can enable the wielder to preform any number of feats. Additionally shadow creatures can be bound to a sunstone wielder.

Tal is one of “The Chosen” and has spent all his life in the Castle. His father goes missing with family “primary” sunstone. Without a sufficiently powerful sunstone the family will loose their position and my not get the medicine his mother needs. To get a new powerful sunstone Tal tries a number of clever and idiotic things. His last hope was trying to steal one.

Well, that’s all there is to really. Don’t expect miracles, but it’s a solid book for younger readers looking for a fantasy novel.






Seventh Tower Series – Book 1: The Fall – By Garth Nix

One thought on “Seventh Tower Series – Book 1: The Fall – By Garth Nix

  1. Jared says:

    I really loved this series. It was like nothing I had ever read at the time. I tried to reread this book a couple of months ago but ended up bored. I remember it being way more complex. Things get more interesting though after he tries to steal the sun stone.


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