The Obsidian Trilogy – Book 3: When Darkness Falls – By Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory


The final book in the trilogy. It was great to read these again. Now I get to start of the sequel trilogy. I only vaguely remember bits and pieces so this will be great!

WhenDarknessFallsTitle: When Darkness Falls
Series: The Obsidian Trilogy; Book 3
Author: Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: UU, Medieval, Dragons, Higher Magic
Synopsis: At last the Allies of Light know what the Endarkened are planning to do. Now the problem is finding a way to stop them without being pulled apart from every direction. As everyone else begins to slide into despair, Kellen Knight Mage finally has a clear enemy he can fight. But will it be enough?
Recommendation: Adult or late teens. Mild sexual content and innuendos. Moderate violence and high gore, but well balanced and done with purpose. I highly recommend this book!

The epic conclusion to the Obsidian Trilogy. As I read this book I realized I must have never actually read through the whole thing cover to cover. I always assumed that I had but I think I got a couple chapters in and then skipped to the end. I’m kind of horrified in myself.

I’ll admit that the first few chapters are very wordy and almost entirely recapping the the first two books. On top of that characters were repeating themselves throughout the book. Almost like the latter half was written first and then they decided it needed to be longer so they back tracked all the way up to right after the end of the second book and added the first half.

The basic writing wasn’t very good, but the characters were still 3-dimensional and the storyline was spot on. It really is the climax to the whole trilogy and everything was leading to these final moments.

The end is really almost too cliche. Too fantastical. You feel great with the ending but when the high runs out you wonder what happened to everyone. Did Kellen actually visit the Selkans? Vestakia and Kellen’s kids, do they look like demons? Did Ancaladar find a lady dragon? I need answers!

Well there’s not much else so say. If you’ve read the first two books you’re bound to read this one too if only to find out what happens.



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The Obsidian Trilogy – Book 3: When Darkness Falls – By Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory

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