Dragon Jousters – Book 3: Sanctuary – By Mercedes Lackey


Missed last week. I had even finished reading this book with plenty of time to write this review. I had some trouble getting my thoughts together so put it off. Of course, Lisa woke up Thursday morning and said, we’re going to the inlaws a day early.

sanctuaryTitle: Sanctuary
Series: Dragon Jousters; Book 3
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: UU, Bronze Age, Dragons, Higher Magic
Synopsis: Kiron and his Wing of hand raised dragons and riders have fled the corrupt power hungry Magi in Alta. Safely in Sanctuary, a city long lost to the desert and now newly uncovered by the gods, they begin increasing their numbers. Both refugees and dragons alike.
Recommendation: Teen. Consistent reading level as the previous books. Also much better written than “Alta”.

After “Alta” I was hesitant to pick this up. Thankfully it is drastically better and really managed to capture a piece of the magic from the first book. It was good to see the change and growth of the characters. Some of it did feel like it was beating me over the head but not bad considering.

My biggest problem was that the first 3/4 of the book felt aimless. A lot of time was spent setting up plot points that it didn’t feel like it was building up to the climax. Most of the story movement was horizontal until suddenly it was all pretty much over.

I think part of the problem was the general tendency for the author to just tell the reader what happened instead of showing us. Even conversations between each other tended to just be statements instead of an actual discussion between real people. The other part might have been that everything was conveniently given to Kiron and those with him. Sure they still needed to go through the motions but it there’s never any doubt that they’ll succeed and all without any lastly harm.

I really don’t know why this was marketed to adults when it would clearly fit a younger audience much better.


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Dragon Jousters – Book 3: Sanctuary – By Mercedes Lackey

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