Harry Potter Series – Book 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – By J. K. Rowling


I had intended to do a review of The Hammer of Thor this week. Even pre-ordering it! Of course there was a shipping delay and I didn’t get it until yesterday. I’ll publish the review as soon as I’ve finished it. As for today, I give you Prisoner of Azkaban instead. I hadn’t planned to do this one so soon. However, we were able to get a copy of the audio books (Jim Dale, FTW!) and I loaded it onto Lisa’s phone. Of course, she turned it on while we were driving back from vacation and once we started I had to finish it. You’ll probably noticed we’ve been home for weeks. Well there has been so much happening this past month it had to be pushed back until this unexpected opening.

HP3Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Series: Harry Potter Series; Book 3
Author: J. K. Rowling
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Youth/Teen
ROTS Setting: EU, Magic, Higher Magic, Modern/Present Day, Dragons
Synopsis: Harry has survived his first two years at Hogwarts. As the beginning of this third year rapidly approaches he accidentally blows up a relative. Now on the run he discovers Voldemort might be after him again. But this time he’ll use escaped mass-murder Sirius Black.
Recommendation: This is my favorite book in the series. It should be noted that it’s takes the first step away from the Youth audience toward Teen.

– – Spoilers – –

As mentioned above. This book is the first in the series that begins to target an older audience. The change is more pronounced in Goblet of Fire, but you can feel the change of tone in this one. And if you haven’t read this series already, LEAVE NOW! We don’t want your kind here……. stupid muggles.

First, I really want a set of books with these covers. And not just a dust jack or paperback. I want hardcovers with these covers painted on them. They’re amazing!

Harry, Ron, and Hermione have really matured since the last book. It present in everything they do and say. Sure they’re still kids, but they learn to take responsibility for their action in this book. It probably helps that kids around this age are more relatable and they haven’t developed teen angst and arrogance yet. (It’s why Order of the Phoenix is my least favorite.)

The story is one of the better ones…..except for the time travel…..Time travel should generally be avoided because it breaks almost everything it touches. (So I’m not going to bring it up again.) The plot twists, the backstory that’s revealed, how it advances the series. It’s one of the best storylines in the series.

Now for the realizations.

Aunt Marge pays Dudley for his body. Ya, you read that right. She pays Dudley so she can hug him. “Harry knew perfectly well Dudley only put up with Aunt Marge’s hugs because he was well paid for it, and sure enough when they broke apart , Dudley had a crisp twenty-pound note clutched in his fat fist.” It could be argued that Vernon pays Dudley, but the sequence suggests that it’s Marge. Additionally it fits with Marge’s personality and it would be unlikely that Vernon would payout before services were rendered. Even with his own son. If you accept the above to be true then it can be taken a step further. Aunt Marge is “attracted” to Dudley. ” […] I do like to see a healthy-sized boy, […] You’ll be a proper-sized man, Dudders, like your father.” This is a stretch, I know, but it is amusing if you’re going through the book for the 6th+ time.

How did Sirius buy the Firebolt? He couldn’t have just walked into Diagon Alley and gotten it. And where did he get the money? I supposed Grimwald Place might have had some gold stashed and he might have had Kreature buy it, but it’s more than likely that it was stolen.

Peter Pettigrew likes little boys and yes it’s as creepy as it sounds. He spends over a decade in the same place, sleeping in the beds with little boys. It’s not a new thought, but it’s a hard one to shake.

I know that’s a short list but there’s a reason I don’t like audio books because things don’t sink in very well for me. I’ll add more if I think of any, but I doubt it.



Harry Potter Series – Book 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – By J. K. Rowling

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