Royal Assassin – The Farseer Trilogy – By Robin Hobb

Hey Robert,

So I just found that Goodreads is not only a place to look up books but there is a whole community aspect. So I now have an account and add me if you want to. I hope to find new and exciting things.

About this series though I am not quite sure why I am still reading it.

Title: Royal Assassin19888960-_sy540_
Series: Farseer Trilogy; Book 2
Author: Robin Hobb
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: UU,
Synopsis: Fitz Chivalry Farseer returns from the mountain kingdom to Buck Keep and nothing is quite the same as it was before.
Recommendation: For some reason, I do not understand why I like this book. Yes, I would definitely recommend this book. Teens and older could understand and not be put off by the content. 

Just as a note for parents, this book does use the word b**** but in reference to dogs. And now that Fitz is older he does have sexual desires as well as intercourse but it is non-explicit(like in 90’s movies it goes Kissing, Kissing, Passion, Fade to black, and Morning.)

Now to what I alluded to at the beginning. The Royal Assassin has very little different from Assassin’s Apprentice in basically every way. Fitz is a little older and has some new learning experiences, he also gets slightly more choices and more decision-making power. As Fitz is more of a teenager he has gotten more angsty and annoying. But there really isn’t any reason to like this book. Yeah, there is more fighting and the drama is taken up a level. It is just more of the same and I am not sure why I like this series. I have devoured this series the audio-book narration is great and I just keep listening every chance I get. But if the final book is more of this and I still liked it I may need to resolve myself that this series just has great story telling. Let me know what you guys think of this series.



PS, It was very nice to see more of the magic systems in the series.


Royal Assassin – The Farseer Trilogy – By Robin Hobb

2 thoughts on “Royal Assassin – The Farseer Trilogy – By Robin Hobb

  1. For me it will always be Hobb’s characters. She could literally describe Fitz watering the garden and picking carrots for a whole day and I would still be intrigued. 😀 And yes, angsty Drama-Fitz IS annoying, I agree.

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