6 thoughts on “Where do you buy your eBooks?

  1. Kobo books as long as you don’t mind de-drm’ing and format shifting in Calibre. I have a kindle, but with the recent trend at amazon towards their new kfx format [which isn’t able to be converted], I’m leaning back towards kobo.
    Also, Baenebooks for all your SFF needs. I like a LOT of their authors and so want to support the site directly when I can.

    Then Gutenberg.org/net for all the classics. And various libraries for all the fluff I want to read but not buy.

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      1. I bought my Mack Bolan/Executioner books all 38 of them, from Kobo when they had sales.

        And the kindle format isn’t a problem if you have an older kindle, a paperwhite gen1 and before, as those download the older azw3/mobi formats. And you can remove the drm and format shift those with very little issue. It is is the newer readers like the Oasis that download the newer format.

        Kobo has its own format, the kepub, but you can also choose to download a regular epub, on which drm removal is completely trivial.

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