Brian’s Saga – Book 5: Brian’s Hunt – By Gary Paulsen

How’s it going Jared?

Finding decent covers for these books has been disturbingly hard. It’s like they don’t want people to see them or use them in their reviews. A good cover image can really sell a book, so it seems counter-intuitive to make them hard to find.

brianshuntTitle: Brian’s Hunt
Series: Brian’s Saga; Book 5
Author: Gary Paulsen
Genre: Fiction, Survival
Audience: Teen
ROTS Setting: CU, Canada
Synopsis: We find Brian still in the Canadian wilderness, picking up right where we left him.
Recommendation: Perfect for Teens. This book is recommended, but note that this book assumes that the events of all 4 previous books took place.

This book is the worst one in the series so far. It’s OK but not nearly as good as the other books. At this point I’m content to pretent it didn’t happen. It has a fanfiction feel to it.

The general attitude has been that Brian can see the beauty in nature that everyone else can’t. That we as a species have lost a bit of that connection with the world around us. His attitude didn’t place himself above everyone because of this, only a slight long or wish to have things change.

Not in this book. The beginning had an arrogance that Brian’s way was better and a dismissal and condemnation of anything else. It just felt wrong compared to the previous books.

The plot also felt weak and that’s not just because it’s simple. I didn’t feel like Brian grew from the experience or accomplished anything other than moving the plot along for any potential books to come.

There also didn’t appear to be any moral to the story or lesson to be learned. Again more like just a description of events.

In summary I’m sad because it didn’t live up to the previous books and also that that it’s over and I need to find some new survival books.



Brian’s Saga – Book 5: Brian’s Hunt – By Gary Paulsen

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