Blog Update – Jul.2.2017

Dear Followers,

We just wanted to let keep you all updated with stuff that’s been happening…..or not happened this past month. You may have noticed the sharp decrease in the number of posts and books reviewed. If this was just pure burnout or shifting interests then there wouldn’t be much to explain because it happens to everyone eventually.

Jared has been extremely busy with work this past month. Only a handful of nights were actually spent at home, and an inordinate amount of time was spent traveling.  (Much to Julia’s dismay.)

Also at the end of May, Lisa discovered she had kidney cancer, so Robert has be rightly distracted this past month. Rest assured, it was caught, literally, just in time and is even now almost completely resolved. The best possible scenario short of not having cancer in the first place.

We can’t promise that things will change much from this past month, for better or worse. Just know that we aren’t dead, dying, or giving up completely.

The Brothers

Blog Update – Jul.2.2017

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