DNF – Bloodmage By Stephen Aryan


Ok, there’s nothing wrong with the book, it’s just not what I was expecting……at all.

The first book was pretty good with a sword and sorcery feel. This book was more like 3 detective stories, probably connected, that could not hold my attention. On top of that after getting 14 chapters in I’ve given up hope on any of the main characters from the first book making a real appearance. It’s basically a standalone novel. I say that because we don’t get a true continuation of characters or major plot arcs. It’s a sequel in the sense that it chronologically set after the first, but that’s it.

Lastly, the book has some strong “modern opinions” that just felt artificial and out of place given the setting and history of the world. These weren’t the main reason but they certainly did nothing to help.

In summary, the book was not as promised and while there aren’t any glaring issues it’s not what I want or like, especially right now. If anyone has read the whole trilogy and can tell me if things change, please let me know.


DNF – Bloodmage By Stephen Aryan

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