Blog News: Changes in 2018

Happy New Year!

My reading ambitions were pretty high for the holidays since I was mostly going off my experience last year when we had Christmas with the in-laws……..There was plenty of time to read. This year we were home so everything was different and now I’ve got a backlog of books I got from the library. So I’ll be attempting to clear those out and then setting in to churn through those on the shelves.

I alluded to some changes in my last post before the holidays and I wasn’t ready to share them because people needed to be informed personally and we wanted to wait until after the holidays before breaking the news.

Lisa will be graduating at the end of Spring and has gotten a job offer, which we have accepted. This will mean relocating from the Phoenix, Arizona area to Central Washington state this June.

I expect to be MIA for that month. Between now and then I’m hoping to get through most of the books on my shelves, at least the ones from new authors or series, because I don’t want to cart books I’m not interested in reading or keeping across the country.

So as one member of the family goes from being a student to working full time, another will be starting their very first year of school. This Fall our son will be starting Kindergarten. And that will leave me with several hours of time…..alone. While it’s tempting to just devote myself to reading it’s just not practical. Honestly, I don’t really want to reenter the job market but that might just be what needs to happen. But we’ll see how things play out and things might change between now and then anyway.

What does this mean for the blog? Not too much right now. Again, I’ll be focusing on books I already have, so my book acquisition will be limited. And you probably won’t see me in June. After that will depend on how much free time I end up with. I could end up at home and busy or working and busy… not too different from right now just different kinds of busy with their own adjustment periods. Long term, this shouldn’t affect the blog at all.

Now I just need to get back in the groove.


Blog News: Changes in 2018

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