Dragon Keeper – Book 1: Dragon Keeper – By Carole Wilkinson

Hey Jared

I picked this up a couple months ago because I was in the mood for something a bit lighter and liked the idea of a dragon story based in Chinese mythology. And this book didn’t disappoint.

dragonkeeperTitle: Dragon Keeper
Series: Dragon Keeper; Book 1
Author: Carole Wilkinson
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Youth
ROTS Setting: EU, Ancient China, Dragons, Magic (sorta)
Synopsis: In the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, the last remaining dragon is in danger of being killed by the cruel Emperor. A nameless orphan with no past and an uncertain future becomes his unlikely ally. The young orphan soon discovers that it is her destiny to protect the aging dragon and his mysterious purple stone. Chased by an evil dragon hunter and a powerful sorcerer, their adventure is not easy. Each must learn to help and understand the other if they are to survive. To succeed in her task, the young orphan must reach deep within herself to find courage she never knew existed. No longer can she be the timid, shy orphan she once was. She is now the one, true Dragon Keeper.
Recommendation: I would recommend this book for youth, 8-12yrs.

This was a classic boy/girl-and-dragon story with the protagonist having a rough childhood until a dragon comes along and they go on a journey together. It follows the familiar formula but the setting and prose really make it standout. Could it have been a but stronger on the Chinese influences? Probably, but I think it was detailed and immersive enough while also being very approachable for younger readers.

It’s a simple story with a simple premise. But it does it all very well.

If you’re in the mood for a dragon story that just a bit different and an easy read then I can’t recommend this book more highly. You likely won’t be blown away but you’ll still be entertained.


P.S. – Will getting everything ready to publish this review I discover that it’s a series! While I’m curious, I have no current plans to read further… Maybe in the future.


Dragon Keeper – Book 1: Dragon Keeper – By Carole Wilkinson

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