Blog Update: Safely Moved

No review today… Sadly. But for those following along, we are completely moved and settling into the new place. Lots of unpacking and arranging furniture still to go, but we’re here and the books are safe.

I had hoped to have listened to an audiobook along the way but alas the moving truck was too loud to make out the words. That and my father-in-law has some crazy stories that are all absolutely true. Instead I’ve been listening while unpacking and assembling the dozens of shelves we have.

Lastly I’ve got one thing I’d like to gripe about. Internet. Specificly the internet we can get here while our direct nieghbors on 3 sides get the good stuff. And we have to wait until the 25th so we’re down to just our mobile data until then. Let’s just say the kid has been learning about programed television and commercials and isn’t happy about it.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. I should have a review for Monday, so long as nothing crazy happens.


Blog Update: Safely Moved

3 thoughts on “Blog Update: Safely Moved

  1. Hahahahahaa. Now you can tell your kid “Back in MY day….” and have something real to talk about instead of the old “walking up hill both ways to school barefoot in a snowstorm, every day!” yarn.

    And glad to hear you arrived safely…

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