Blog News: I’m Alive

After months of nary a peep, I can safely say that I’m still alive. A thanks to Bookstooge for the poke, it might have been much longer for me to get back around to doing this had he not done so.

So what happened.

Books took a backseat to life….. Big shocker, I know. At the beginning of summer we moved across the country from Arizona to Washington (state). Lisa became a licensed pharmacist and began working like crazy. And our son started Kindergarten. You’d think this would mean I have a lot of extra time to read and you’d be sort of right. I have way more uninterrupted time without anyone around. However, if anyone is around I now have zero time since either one hasn’t seen you in several hours. I basically live in a literal bi-polar state, frantic mania trying to get everything done followed by a depressive state trying to recuperate for the next manic episode. (I feel for anyone that has clinical bi-polar disorder, you are a miracle of human perseverance.)

Anyway, I have more time alone, yet not much time to recharge. It sounds contradictory but it’s the best I can describe it. And that’s just the normal day-to-day cycle. Throw in a holiday and I’m completely useless.

Coming into this hot mess of real-life I was a bit burnt out and had hit a reading slump. Nothing was sparking my interest. So I stopped reading anything….for months. If my brain wasn’t needed, it turned off. Probably not a good way to read books, let alone review them.

I’ve picked up a few books since they’re in on-going series, but they’ve been one dumpster fire after the next. Even Temeraire got weird and I may have unearthed the most boring Sanderson book(s) he’s ever written. If I didn’t have bad luck (timing) I’d have no luck at all.

What of the future, you might be asking. I make no promises. I’m going to try and get reviews out for stuff I’ve already read but I can’t give a time frame. I’ll also try and review anything new I read, but again, no time frame. Feels like there’s a pattern here.


Blog News: I’m Alive

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