This page is meant to help make sense of the massive Dragonlance series, especially with Robert’s latest attempt to read through those books which makeup the core of the series. These core books are primarily written by the talented duo Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and provide structure for the dozens of other books which flesh out the world further.

We’re not going to get into the details about how and why the various books were published but the in-book history will be very important as the series spans thousands of years. Books can basically be put into one of four major eras: Historic, Classic/War of the Lance, Fifth Age, or Age of Mortals/War of Souls.

Historic novels are any time before the War of the Lance and the events that lead up to and take place in the original trilogy, the Dragonlance Chronicles. This could probably be broken down further if needed.

Classic era novels focus on the War of the Lance and the events leading up to and after it. This includes Chronicles, Legends, Lost Chronicles and the Second Generation.

Fifth Age novels take place after the Second Cataclysm. With Dragons of a New Age and the Dhamon Saga by Jean Rabe making up the core novels.

Age of Mortals novels deal with the War of Souls and include War of Souls and Dark Disciple trilogies. Along with anything set after them.

Dragonlance Core Reading List

What follows is the list Robert uses to keep track of his progress. Any review published will be linked here. A thanks to Dragonlance Nexus for providing the basis for this list.