The Flaxfield Quartet – Book 1: Dragonborn – By Toby Forward

Hey Jared,

There’s probably no point in waiting to publish this, so here it is. This is the first book that is not highly recommended from me and for the blog. It’s a sad milestone but it was bound to happen. I kind of want you to read it so I won’t be alone in my misery but it would be best if you avoided it.

DragonbornTitle: Dragonborn
Series: The Flaxfield Quartet; Book 1
Author: Toby Forward
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Youth
ROTS Setting: UU, Medieval, Dragons, Higher Magic
Synopsis: Sam was on his way to becoming a wizard. However when his master dies, questions begin to arise about the young apprentice. Fearing those questions the boy runs away……Everything else follows for no other purpose than to connect abstract plot points.
Recommendation: Mild death and torture references so probably 10-12 year old reading level, but requires a post-secondary reading comprehension to vaguely understand anything beyond the pure text. I’m somewhere between “meh” and “this was a terrible book.”

Please note that spoilers will be used heavily in this review because I really feel I need to explain why this book isn’t very good.

– – Spoilers – –

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The Flaxfield Quartet – Book 1: Dragonborn – By Toby Forward