Echo Series – Volume 1: Approaching Shatter – By Kent Wayne


This one is going to be a little different. It’s an eBook by an aspiring writer. You might have noticed we’ve picked up a couple of followers and he’s one of them. The book was promising so I thought I’d take a chance. Here is the breakdown…..

Approaching Shatter– eBook ONLY –
Title: Approaching Shatter
Series: Echo; Volume 1
Author: Kent Wayne (Pen Name)
Genre: Science Fiction
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: EU, Advanced Future, Mech
Synopsis: Atriya is an elite soldier that has continually pushed both his body and mind to the limit in hopes of attaining new heights and abilities. That is until his life slowly comes apart at the seams. Now he’s on the precipice with the only path leading straight down when all he wants is to keep climbing higher.
Recommendation: Definitely a late teen/adult book. There is tremendous potential here and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes.

The first thing I noticed after picking up the book was that the author was military. It’s deep rooted in the foundations of this book. From the details to the tone. This creates an instant authenticity that I’ve found seems to be lacking whenever I try and write anything through a military lens. Your first major experience with both character and universe is brutal, verging on inhumane. It left me a little uncomfortable because it felt a little out of place for close to half the book until a broader view of the setting could be gleaned and then it fit perfectly into it. I mention this because it’s both startling and expertly done.

Until I was a little over half way, the book felt wordy……or word heavy. Like the author was trying to create the characters and universe out of words like building blocks. Often things would be explained or stated multiple times. It’s something I feel like I can relate to as starting a new series and building literary tempo and momentum can be difficult. It also didn’t help that the character was pretty stationary and had little interaction with other characters or the universe in general in those first few chapters.

The book is small at only about 47,000 words which didn’t leave a lot of time to get a good feel for Atriya, the main character. He seemed pretty well written by the end and only one aspect bothered me. So, he’s plateauing and at least doesn’t realize/acknowledge it consciously until later in the book, but he does know what his weakest aspects are and yet isn’t seen making any attempt to train or work through those weak aspects. In fact he goes out of his way to avoid it. Now, this is minor and could be have been done purposefully so it’s not a big deal and is my only issue with the character.

I really enjoyed how the political system seems to pull from several different several vastly different sources and intertwines them into something unique but those sources are still discernible. I’d say more but it would involve spoilers and piecing it together was too much fun.

This is an interesting and engaging look into the series and I’m eager to continue reading and seeing where it goes. However, as a book by itself, it’s not very good. There might be a climax but it’s only just beginning at the end of the book. There is zero resolution and while I’m eagerly left wanting more I’m also left feeling empty and unfulfilled. It feels like two-thirds of a book. Which is great for a free introduction to a series but disastrous when buying a book.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am happy to give $3 to support this writer because I think he deserves it. I just hope that when Vol.2 is released that he makes this one free. It is perfectly written as a series introduction book and will serve him much better being offered for free than at any other price.

Anyways, Jared, I can “lend” this book to you if you have an Amazon account. I can only do it once per book and it would be for two weeks. You’ll need to let me know when you know you’ll have time to read it or else you’ll need to buy it yourself. Either way, I plan to keep an eye on this series and author.




Echo Series – Volume 1: Approaching Shatter – By Kent Wayne

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