Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2015 , PS4 Edition.


I know this isn’t a book and doesn’t necessarily relate very well to books but over Christmas I played with Robert the new Battlefront game. Back on the PlayStation 2 we owned and played for hours both the Star Wars Battlefront, and Battlefront 2. We especially enjoyed the campaign and galactic conquest modes. I’ve played with various 2848833-2848826-star+wars+battlefront+key+artpeople on dozens of co-op split screen games, mostly in campaign modes.

So when we started on the new Battlefront we where surprised that there was NO campaign, NO galactic conquest, and a very limited split screen mode. Robert and I had played every level of co-op in about an hour and a half. The game is beautiful with rich environments, easy and intuitive controls. The vehicles are impressive and fun. I especially like the speeders how I really felt like I was on the edge of control. All focused on the original star wars trilogy. Everything about the game feels good and authentic.

Just without a Story or Campaign mode, the new Battlefront doesn’t try and tell a story. So it feels like only half a game. A setting to a beautiful book, just without a plot of characters.

Honestly this means that I will not be playing the new Star Wars Battlefront 2015 game. I’ll be spending my $60 on Star Wars Battlefront 2 2005 for the PS2. It’s so sad that a 10 year old game does better.


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Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2015 , PS4 Edition.

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