TV Series Review: The Expanse – Season 1

the-expanse-full-bannerI’ve been meaning to write a bit about this first season of The Expanse since I finished it. Having read the books, I’m actually very impressed with the quality of the show. For me, Syfy is more synonymous with low budget cheesy TV movies than epic scifi. So the fact that the acting is pretty good, the visuals are top notch, and the writing is sticking close to the source material while still adapting for the difference between books and TV, it comes as a bit of surprise. Pleasant surprise but it’s still a bit of a shock.

As I mentioned already I think the storyline has been pretty good. I love that they introduced Avasarala from the beginning. It’s earlier than the books but she’d been able to build her character, and Holden’s, while providing a good overview of the massive changes that Holden heralds. I can’t remember specifics but there are other minor changes that either take advantage of future knowledge or they are taking advantage of the switch to television.

TheExpanse_gallery_ConceptArt_14Holden is more annoying because of his apparent younger age. Comes across whiny. He’s had decent acting and writing. Naomi, has been a strong character, but I’m waiting for her to be developed a bit more before passing judgement. Alex seems a little weak, but that sort of fits the books and the actor hasn’t settled into the role yet. Amos……he irks me and I don’t know why. It could be a minor slip in the acting and scripting, but he just seems off from the books. Not tough enough and too baby face? There’s just something off.

I love the ships and stations. Seriously the visuals beat out some triple A games and big budget movies. The designs are both futuristic and yet very practical. The form/function combo creates an amazing atmosphere.

Really, I can’t wait for the second season which should air in “early 2017”. Almost as much as I can’t wait for the next book coming this fall. If you’ve read the books but haven’t taken a look at the show, I urge that you do. Then come back and let me know what you think.



TV Series Review: The Expanse – Season 1

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