DNF – The Settlers by Jason Gurley



10%. I only got through ten percent (that includes all the other stuff that comes in the front, too) of the book before I couldn’t take it anymore……I should have read the reviews before attempting.

For some unknown and bizarre reason, the author/editor decided to not use/eliminate quotation marks from the whole book. Instantly it takes constant deliberate effort to read. Felt like deciphering a first graders chicken scratch that may or may not have actually been words. Add to this little to no differentiation between who’s speaking.

Getting to the characters, there’s not much to say. It’s written in the present tense with first person point of view, but I would call it first person restricted as there is little to no thoughts or impressions from the main character. This leads to a lack of description of other characters or the world around them. What little is described is closer to fiction, verging on fantasy, than science.

For example Aries Station is described as being a ring station with many rings spinning at different speeds and directions with it easy to literally hop from one to another. There are “zero gravity zones” to help people transition between the rings and there is a secondary ring on the outside of one of the rings for rich people.

Think it through. If they’ve discovered artificial gravity why build a ring station? (It was mentioned that the station is very new with an improved design over its predecessors.) If they haven’t discovered gravity manipulation then how are there “zero gravity zones” and why is the ring station so messed up as to no longer support long term human habitation?

How this book gets 64% 4-5 star reviews is beyond me. Lack of science in the fiction is at least one star gone and the conscious choice to discriminate against literary propriety would be another star lost. Even if the book suddenly had quotation marks and it sorted out the contradictory science/fiction, I would still have zero desire to keep reading because I could read the close captions for a movie or tv show by themselves without any other visuals and gotten about the same depth to the story.

2 out of 5 stars. One because I stopped and the other because it might have gotten  better.



DNF – The Settlers by Jason Gurley

2 thoughts on “DNF – The Settlers by Jason Gurley

  1. Jared says:

    Would have been nice to mention a plot if there was one. But I guess after only 10% you probably hadn’t encountered much of it.


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