Blog News: Suggest-A-Book

Just a quick note.

If you have a book or series you think we’d like, you can now use our submission form. The link is in our site menu in the top right of every page as “Suggest-A-Book.” In the form we’ll ask for your name so we can give you a shout-out for suggesting it (or put N/A or Anonymous). Then we’ll need the book/series name and if you happen to remember the author’s name too. Check the box for genre and lastly a bit about why you are suggesting the book/series. What was it that you liked about it? Cool magic? Amazing tech? Actually likable characters? Dragons? Or something more mundane like just being readable.


And let’s just be clear, you are submitting a suggestion, only. We may or may not act on it. Lastly, if you are an author, do not suggest your own work. Contact us directly.

The Brothers

P.S. Authors & Publicists, check out our Review Policy. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Blog News: Suggest-A-Book

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