Mistborn Series – Mistborn: Secret History – By Brandon Sanderson


Oh boy do I want to read more Mistborn now! It’s actually kind of painful. This little novella filled in so many holes and answered so many questions……but now I feel so ignorant of the larger universe. I guess I’ll just have to read more Sanderson novels. Woe is me.

Secret HistoryTitle:Mistborn: Secret History
Series: Mistborn; Mistborn Trilogy Companion
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: UU/Cosmere, Unique Magic
Synopsis: Taking place during the events of the original trilogy, it follows Kelsier after his death. Dead, but not gone. And certainly not helpless.
Recommendation: Definitely read the original trilogy before even attempting this. The author even recommends reading the next three too. A wonderful addition to the series!

I’m going to avoid spoilers from this book, but there may be some from the original trilogy. So if you haven’t read them already then please leave by clicking here. That’s our review for the first book in the original series.

Ok, lets get down to the good stuff.

I hate Kelsier. He’s not just annoying and he’s not annoying in a good way. I HATE him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s well written. I don’t like him as a person and was honestly hoping it would follow a different character. I can’t see what others see in him and the more I’ve gotten to know him the less I’ve liked. Is he a bad person? No. Is he a good person? Definitely no! He is inherently selfish, self-centered, and self-righteous. It was only by the end of this book that he was even confronted with this aspect of his person……meaning it’s only at the end of this book that he might turn into a likeable character. But wait, it pretty much ignores that. Cryptic but you’ll see what I mean when you read it.

Now, I really like the introduction of the greater universe to the Mistborn sphere. Sadly my knowledge of that universe is frustratingly finite. Since I know I’ve got so many books I need to still read I’ve avoided any frivolous search of the internet. I’ll get there eventually.

The best part of the book was to experience many of the major events in the original trilogy from another perspective. It reinforced many aspects and points while providing enlightenment and understanding on others. Add to that a much longer view of the entire trilogy because of how much time it covered.

It’s called a companion to the original trilogy  and I would agree wholly. I can just imagine a set of the original series sitting on the shelf all gilded and polished with this thin little book next to them in simple leather and no prominent markings. Yep, I’m nerdy like that.

I keep thinking of things I want to add and go to write them before realizing they were spoilers. Sooooooo…….I’ll get back to reading. Maybe I can get enough read to do a post about the Sanderson-verse. Oooooo, or we could do a pod cast on one. We’re due for another in my opinion. Later.





Mistborn Series – Mistborn: Secret History – By Brandon Sanderson

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