Planetfall – by Emma Newman


How was your Halloween? Ours was great. We had a Trunk-n-Treat on the 29th and then Halloween night we went to a nearby neighborhood that we went to last year…..They give out full size chocolate bars.

Planetfall.jpgTitle: Planetfall
Author: Emma Newman
Genre: Science Fiction
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: CU, Near-to-Distant Future, Cerebral
Synopsis: Ren traveled millions of miles on faith alone. A faith that was based on a person. Now twenty years later and utterly faithless, she must confront the truths she hides and the lies she uses to perpetuate it.
Recommendation: For adults. Also this isn’t a space opera or action adventure and more cerebral. I definitely recommend this book.

I’m so glad I made time to read this book. It was great change of pace from what I had been reading. Quite refreshing.

The main plot takes a back seat to the main character, and while not very original it didn’t detract from the experience. The focus is on the main character, Ren, who had an interesting past and who’s experiences weigh heavily on her. It’s written in an almost real-time journal quality, which is matched by the technologies used and overall feel to the world. Over-all it’s an immersive window into the life of one broken individual that highlights issues, ideas and concepts that humanity faces.

I enjoyed this book tremendously. I’m curious what the new novella coming out this Tuesday, After Atlas, will focus on and reveal. I’m a little surprised that any sort of sequel/prequel is being released, as this book is so self-contained. If you decide to read After Atlas and think I’m really missing out, let me know in the comments.





Planetfall – by Emma Newman

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