Hello Robert,

Red Rising is a book I heard about quite awhile ago from another person who works in the same industry as me and recommended it.

Title: Red Risingred_rising
Series: Red Rising Trilogy; Book 1
Author: Pierce Brown
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: Alternate Future,
Synopsis: The people have earth have expanded and terraforming the solar system. Humanity has become segregated by color into the Society. Golds rule the Society which is built upon the backs of the Reds.
Recommendation: I really enjoyed this book, I love a good underdog story and this has it. This is definitely a book for adults it has some brutal violence that would be inappropriate for younger audiences. For more details read the rest of this review.

So for the parents that are trying to figure out if this is an ok book for kids. In the first chapter Darrow the main character describes his Father’s execution, he was being executed for protesting the Gold’s treatment and lack of resources. So they hung him, the only catch is that Mars has lower than earth gravity. Meaning his family must watch him strangle to death or has the “privilege” of pulling on his feet to break his neck, Darrow’s uncle does this service for his brother. The Father’s body is left to rot in the main cavern of the settlement until it could no longer be suspended by the rope. And this is the opening chapter, it only gets worse from there.

So now Darrow is a teenager and is a helldiver operating a drill that carves up the earth, he is the best one in his area and is looking to win for his clan laurels or a prize which includes better food. His wife Eo he worries about, he wants to provide for her the best things, food, medicine, status. He worries that she might be selling her body to Gamma to get him medicine or food. Darrow is brash, strong, and a natural leader.

Darrow’s life changes dramatically and he sets himself on a mission to challenge the Golds who are the Gods of his universe. He endures pain and makes some hard choices. Will his humanity survive the horrors he must inflict to kill Golds?




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