Temeraire Series – Book 1: His Majesty’s Dragon – By Naomi Novik

Hello Robert,

Oddly this is a book I have read somewhat recently, just 2 years ago. Most of the books I reread have the better part of a decade between reads. I have told you about this series before and it is amazing, but you never read it. So now I’ll detail why this is such a fun series, to make you jealous that I read it first.

{4731D36F-EF04-4ADD-A3C9-0CC14D81D0A9}Img100Title: His Majesty’s Dragon
Series: Temeraire Series; Book 1
Author: Naomi Novik
Genre: Alternate History/Fantasy
Audience:Young Adult/Adult
ROTS Setting: Alternate History early 1800s
Synopsis: Captain Lawrence captures a French vessel and finds a dragon egg on board, and it’s ready to hatch. Three weeks away from land Captain Lawrence is left with no choice but to try and harness the hatchling to tame it. But when the young dragonet chooses his master the captain’s life is changed forever.
Recommendation: I honestly love this series. I would recommend this for teens or adults. A beautiful mix of nautical, historical, and dragons. For me this got me very interested in the time period. Also from a genealogical stand point learning who our ancestors were and where they lived during the late 18th early 19th century.

This is another one of those books I have highly recommended and tried to get you to read, but you just ignored. So let me explain to you what you’re missing out on.

Dragons: Bad ass beasties that are basically mobile fighting platforms for dozens of men. Some are smart some are not, and some can breathe fire.

Napoleon: A small man who had a big impact on the world also a time in history that is not covered very often in the other books you read.

Nautical: Ships, sails, masts, rudders, grog, rum, cannons, cutlass’, and of course superstition. Nothing connects you to another time and culture like a nautical setting. Capitan Lawrence makes the whole world seem like it is made of timber and rope.

Black Powder: Pistols, cannons, rifles, and bombs the coolness of the black powder era is undisputed.

Even if you are not into the historical side of things keep in mind that there are dragons in these books. So basically that makes them a must read for you. Stop denying yourself and be the dragon fanboy you know you are.



PS like that call to action with classic TV tone and wording?

Temeraire Series – Book 1: His Majesty’s Dragon – By Naomi Novik

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