DNF – Magonia


This is a DNF (Did Not Finish) from a couple of months ago. I didn’t post about it sooner because if I had more I would just post them all at the same time. Anyway, it’s past time. There is really one big enormous reason I could not finish this book.

I have no desire to see into the vapid mind of a high school girl…..ever. With disturbing realism and accuracy, the author captured everything I detest from high school, teenagers, teenage girls, and Teen/YA literature. I would need substantial monetary compensation to endure that book.

Let me be clear. It did not feel poorly written……little though I actually read. But it is contrary to my personal reading preferences so DNF.


DNF – Magonia

2 thoughts on “DNF – Magonia

  1. Jared says:

    Hahahaha, “substantial monetary compensation”? Well, I’m glad you recognize that you are not the right audience for this book. Maybe see if Lisa or someone else will tell us something of the book. Although if you couldn’t stand it then maybe that says all that is needed.


    1. Your wife would be the only person I can think of who might read it. It did not feel like a book Lisa would read.

      Plus it was moths ago, so it’s long since been returned.


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