Brian’s Saga – Book 3: Brian’s Winter – By Gary Paulsen


Since I don’t get to experience winter this year I thought I’d read about it. Which having read this, I’m even more grateful to have avoided the worst of it. No snow and we haven’t even gone below freezing yet.

brianswinterTitle: Brian’s Winter
Series: Brian’s Saga; Book 3
Author: Gary Paulsen
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Teen
ROTS Setting: CU, Winter Survival, Canada,
Synopsis: What if Brian hadn’t been rescued at the end of Hatchet? With the end of summer, Brian must prepare for the realities of winter in the Canadian wilderness.
Recommendation: Another great survival story for teens……and adults alike. If you’ve read the previous books then you know what to expect.

This is an alternate sequel to Hatchet where Brian still recovers the survival pack from the plane, but doesn’t trigger the emergency beacon. This means he must learn to survive in the winter and all the changes and dangers that brings.

This is my favorite book in the saga/series. I don’t really know why, because not much happens. I suppose I enjoy seeing Brian embrace his situation and make the best of it. He doesn’t live comfortably but he does live and not just survives either. By the end he’s so much at home in the wilderness that it’s difficult imagining being anywhere else.

As a standalone book, it’s not very good, but when paired with Hatchet it’s a natural continuation of Brian’s story, even more so than The River.



Brian’s Saga – Book 3: Brian’s Winter – By Gary Paulsen

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