Movie Review: The BFG

Hello Robert,

I hope your new years goes well. I imagine Julia will drag me off to someone’s party but I haven’t heard anything yet.

I honestly have not read the BFG but Julia did many times as a child and loved it so I was subjected to this movie.


Spoilers probably to follow…..because its a movie.

So The BFG is an interesting look at a fairytale. Looking at the movie as a fairytale story for children it was a great movie. But for a mid-twenties man, this was just kinda childish and didn’t make much sense. I can imagine if we watched this with some of our nieces and nephews they would watch in awe and shout out at the tense moments.

The plot is very simple. Giant kidnaps girl, girl befriends giant, giant gets picked on, girl helps giant stand up to bullies. The visuals are on par and the whole film felt cohesive and well done. I just don’t have the emotional attachment to this work nor the childhood nostalgia. I’ll see if Julia has anything to add and because she read the books.


Movie Review: The BFG

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