What to Expect in 2017?

We’ve got some big series we’re going to try and take on which should prove quite the challenge. These are series we’re familiar with but haven’t tackled from beginning to end. Hopefully you’ll enjoy watching us slog through mountains of books and maybe even a little inspired to (re)read a big series too.

61975Jared could eventually take on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. This beloved series has 26 novels and 6 shorts with the latter books being written with or by her son Todd McCaffrey. He’ll wade in and see if it’s worth the hype.

Much of the draw of series is it’s intricately detailed culture and characters. Add dragons and an intriguing mix of pseudo-Fantasy and Science Fiction and it’s easy to see why fans of this series are so devout.

Additionally, Jared might delve deeper into the Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb. That is if his read of the first three books in the series goes well. The series boasts impressively hefty volumes although there are only 24 of them, but it’s still on-going with the next one coming out this spring.

dragonlancedragonsofautumntwilightRobert is returning to the much loved Dragonlance series, starting with the core novels written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. While there are hundreds of books in this shared world series only 32 makeup the core.

Dragonlance is a fond favorite for both the Brothers. Magic, dragons, and deities meddling at every turn. It’s a series so epic in scale it took dozens of writers to just scratch the surface…..and it’s nowhere close to finished.

Additionally, Robert will continue to chip away at the Forgotten Realms series by R. A. Salvatore. Another massive series with 41 novels. He’d never actually read one until a few months ago and there’s a long way to go.

“But wait,” you may be asking, “there are only 52 weeks in a year. Aren’t you going to read other books too?”

And to that we say, yes. Of course we are going to read other books. It’s why these series may take years to complete. Robert plans to read a Dragonlance book a month, which if you do the math will mean he’ll finish the core novels in August of 2019. Jared is unpredictable, often reading what he fancies and even if he did one a month that’s still 2 years for either series.

Rest assured we’ll be reading lots of books from different series and who knows there might be other gargantuan series we might pick up but for now we’re taking it one page at a time.

The Brothers

What to Expect in 2017?

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    1. It’s good to know someelse approves of our brand of crazy.

      Do you have any challenges for yourself in the coming year? (Sorry if you’ve already posted about it and I haven’t gotten to it yet.)

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