Hype Train #2 – Dark Prophecy Cover + Snapshot + Oathbringer + Blade of Empire

Welcome to the second stop on the hype train where I fawn over recent book news and coming releases……Yep, fawn over them.

thedarkprophecyThe Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan (Trails of Apollo #2) is headed for it’s release May.2.2017 and got it’s cover recently. While an exciting next step the cover doesn’t do anything for me. It’s not a bad cover, but sort of….meh. I am very interested to find out what’s behind that cover though. More so since Magnus Chase #2 was so awful I’m concerned this one will also be a let down.

Brandon Sanderson’s Snapshot should be released next month. Set in the Reckoner universe it’s supposed to be targeting an adult audience. I had assumed it would only be a limited edition hardcopy release and finding a specific release date proved unusually difficult. Maybe it’s just me but you’d think that if you were taking limited edition pre-orders you’d have the release day clearly visible. Thankfully I found the Amazon listing a couple of days ago, which had the release day (Feb.17.2017) and have since pre-ordered it. I’m hoping I can read it quick and post a review the next day, Saturday, or Sunday at the latest.

Another Brandon Sanderson book I’ve found a tentative date for is Oathbringer (Stormlight #3). I found it’s Amazon listing which indicated Nov.14,2017 as the possible date. In the 2017 State of Sanderson it was only mentioned as being “November 2017.”

Lastly, I’m super hyped about Blade of Empire by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory (Dragon Prophecy #2). Set in the World of Obsidian, it’s high on my list of most anticipated books ever as the first book came our several years ago and then nothing for what felt like ever. I have barely been keeping myself from reading that first book but until there is a firm date I won’t even consider it. The latest news puts the release in October or November, depend on who said what. I honestly don’t care which so long as it’s one of them.

That’s it for this hype train, I hope you’ve enjoyed the trip and will climb aboard next time……Speaking of next time it’s looking like February and March are going to be very busy with New Releases so it could be April before you have to endure another. Or I could do one anyways if the hype calls for it.


Hype Train #2 – Dark Prophecy Cover + Snapshot + Oathbringer + Blade of Empire

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