Seventh Tower Series – Book 3: Aenir – By Garth Nix

Hi Jared,

With this book I’m now halfway through the series. Something that always bugged me was that the series is called “Seventh Tower” but there are only six books……Maybe it’s just my OCD flaring up.


Title: Aenir
Series: Seventh Tower; Book 3
Author: Garth Nix
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Youth
ROTS Setting: UU/EU, Stone Age/Medieval, Magic
Synopsis: The dream world Aenir is not a safe place. One wrong step can lead to danger, entrapment…or death. Tal and Milla must fight their way through this shifting landscape. They are searching for the Codex, a magical object that will decide the fate of their worlds. Many creatures stand in their way–from the cloud-flesh Storm Shepherds to a swarm of venomous Waspwyrms to a horrifying figure named Hazror. Tal and Milla cannot leave Aenir without the Codex. But finding it might endanger them more than they’ve ever dreamed…
Recommendation: A great short novel for an early reader. I wish this was around when I was in second grade.

The tension at the beginning was pretty good but it sort of fizzled out after that. I’m not saying it was bad but most of it felt like action of the sake of action and drama for the sake of drama.

I’m also more than a little annoyed with Tal. He’s kind and understanding before flipping a switch and he’s ignorant and arrogant.  He’s also significantly more single-minded than before.

Milla has much more profound depth but she’s turning away from her chosen action and choices too easily…..too conveniently. So while she’s developing better than Tal it’s also being undermined slightly.

For what it is, it’s pretty good. I just would have liked to seen this book split into two because a lot is happening. There is also some really big revelations that have just flown by hardly noticed.

Overall it’s good. Could have been better but it served its purpose.


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Seventh Tower Series – Book 3: Aenir – By Garth Nix

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