Anthology Thursday – Sword & Sorcery – Part 3/4

Anthology Thursday is a series of posts breaking down and reviewing an anthology every month. Because I need to read more short fiction. This month is The Sword & Sorcery Anthology edited by David G Hartwell & Jacob Weisman.


Terrifying barbarians, cunning mages, and daring heroes run rampant through these exceptional examples of the exciting sword and sorcery genre. In “Tower of the Elephant,” Conan takes up jewel thievery but proves to be far better with his sword. “The Flame Bringers” finds antihero Elric infiltrating a band of bloodthirsty mercenaries and outwitting a powerful sorcerer. “Become a Warrior” is the unexpected tale of a child who loses all she holds dear, only to gain unforeseen power and unlikely revenge. Further entries come from early legends such as Jack Vance and Catherine Louise Moore, the next wave of talents including Fritz Leiber and Michael Moorcock, and modern trendsetters like George R.R. Martin, Karl Edward Wagner, and David Drake. This essential, fast-paced anthology is a chronological gathering of influential, inventive, and entertaining fantasy—sure to appeal to action-oriented fans.

Soldier of an Empire Unacquainted with Defeat by Glen Cook

Brief synopsis: Tain, a deserter of an empire embroiled in civil war, tries to find his place and purpose in the world.

This was awesome! The style threw me there for the first couple of pages but I grew to love it for what it was. The world is amazing and I’m curious if this is a one-shot or this is a part of one of Mr. Cook’s larger worlds. Either way I want more set in this world…..I need it in my life.

Epistle from Lebanoi by Michael Shea

Nope. Just…..nope.

Become a Warrior by Jane Yolen

Brief synopsis: A young girl mourns the death of her father and brothers before carving her own path.

This was an interesting read. Short but interesting.

The Red Guild by Rachel Pollack

Brief synopsis: Cori is hired to kill a dragon but it only leavers her more alone than ever.

The ending was fitting. However, I don’t feel hooked. No compulsion to read more by in the same world or by the same author. That being said it was written well and it was entertaining.

Six from Atlantis by Gene Wolfe

Brief synopsis:………?

I’ve had more detailed and more interesting day dreams than this. It was too short and there was little context for anything beyond what was literally on the page.

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Anthology Thursday – Sword & Sorcery – Part 3/4

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