Hype Train #6 – Expanse Novella, Broken Earth #3, White Sands Vol.2, Andy Weir, LotFE #3, Trials of Apollo #3

Book news, cover reveals, release dates, rumors, and liberal amounts of hype.

Just a reminder, everything posted here is subject to change. This merely represents the most recent information at the time of posting. For the latest information check out our New Release Calendar.

Strange Dogs by James S.A. Corey will be released Jul.18.2017. Yet another Expanse novella. These are great little windows that help explore the world/universe in better detail. [Amazon]

The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin on Aug.15.2017 will finish of The Broken Earth trilogy. I’ve been meaning to start this series for months, and now I’m going to have zero excuses. [Amazon]

White Sands Vol.2 by Brandon Sanderson has a release date of Nov.14.2017. I somehow missed that this was also being released this year. It does make for one busy and excited day for Sanderson fans. [Amazon]

Artemis by Andy Weir is set for release on Nov.14.2017. I am supremely interested to see if he’s a one-shot author, so this book has me both excited and nervous. [Amazon]

Age of War by Michael J. Sullivan is looking like a Feb.20.2018 release date, and is book 3 in The Legends of the First Empire. This contradicts the previous information I had found pointing to a summer of 2018 date. I’m currently listening to the first book right now, and it’s pretty good. [Amazon]


The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan has a tentative date for May.1.2018. This is book 3 in Trials of Apollo. I’m reading the second book right now, so we’ll see if I stay excited for this one. [Amazon]

Hype Train #6 – Expanse Novella, Broken Earth #3, White Sands Vol.2, Andy Weir, LotFE #3, Trials of Apollo #3

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