Available Jul.11.2017 – Dark Sky by Mike Brooks

Dark Sky by Mike Brooks (Keiko #2)

When Ichabod Drift and the Keiko crew sign on for a new smuggling job to a mining planet, they don’t realize what they are up against. The miners, badly treated for years by the corporation, are staging a rebellion. Split into two groups, one with the authorities and one with the rebels, Drift and his crew support their respective sides in the conflict. But when they are cut off from each other due to a communication blackout, both halves of the crew don’t realize that they have begun fighting themselves…

Looks like this is just a North American release, but it sounds really good. I’ve been meaning to read the first book for months now and even had it checked out from the library, but couldn’t get to it in time.

Also the third book is due to come out this fall with an international release.



Available Jul.11.2017 – Dark Sky by Mike Brooks

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