The Expanse Series – The Churn – By James S. A. Corey

Hello Jared,

The Expanse is one of my all time favorite series. Hands down. I’m super excited for more books or novellas or another season on tv. Basically anything I can get my hands on. Speaking of which, a new novella, Strange Dogs, should be out tomorrow, Jul.18.2017.

The_Churn.jpgTitle: The Churn
Series: The Expanse; Novella
Author: James S. A. Corey (Pen Name)
Genre: Science Fiction
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: CU (Current Universe), Futuristic, No FTL Tech
Synopsis: Before his trip to the stars, before the Rocinante, Amos Burton was confined to a Baltimore where crime paid you or killed you. Unless the authorities got to you first.
Recommendation: Recommended for anyone who likes the Expanse and I suggest reading the first book in The Expanse first.

There is so little to say about it. It’s really, really good. Amos is one of my favorite characters and a perfect intro/backstory to his character! As a stand-alone it’s sufficient, but it’s clearly meant as a companion to the main series. And that it does very well.

As for timing, you could probably read at any point in the main series. There wasn’t any spoilers that I could see. I would say you should read the first book first just so there is at least a bit of context for this story. It’s set before the main series, but most of these novellas are.

Like I said, it’s really good and anyone who likes The Expanse should read it.



The Expanse Series – The Churn – By James S. A. Corey

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