Missing Pages


I’m almost finished reading through The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss when this happens! 568 and then BAM! 631. My first thought is that since it’s a used copy then some pages must have come out some how. A quick look at the binding shows absolutely zero indication that there had once been 30 additional sheets of paper there. It’s used and well worn but the binding is in perfect condition.

IMG_20170728_165556My second thought is that it must be a printing error. This is a USA first print of the trade paperback edition. But after numerous Google searches and scouring various blogs and websites I can’t find any indication that it’s a wide spread error.

Third, is there someway  I can get these pages to read or am I going to have to hit up the library (just checked and there are 4-6 holds) or buy a brand new copy? I’m not adverse to the latter but for 60 pages that seems silly……then again, if I want to reread it I’ll need them again anyways.

The one and only high point is that this might be a “rare” or one of a kind copy of this book. In the mean time I sit in agony, the book unfinished, contemplating to what extent I would go to finish it.


Missing Pages

8 thoughts on “Missing Pages

      1. You have no idea. I was there when the Name of the Wind was released and Rothfuss stated on his blog that the trilogy was written and just needed some editorial polishing.

        I’ve lost track of how many years it has been. 10 I think?

        I’d gladly gut him with a dull spoon [him and George Lucas] and he’s one of the main reasons I rarely read new author’s intro books into series. He burnt me wicked bad…

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      2. Oh…….oh my……..Tell me how you really feel.

        In all seriousness, I had wondered if we had another GRRM on our hands. Sanderson has mentioned several times that they had their big break around the same time, and even factoring in that Sanderson is a beast it’s concerning that Rothfuss has only put out 2 books and some stories in the same amount of time.

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