Remnants Series – Book 2: Destination Unknown – By K. A. Applegate

Hello Jared,

This series has take a drastic turn and I’m glad that I was able to read both the first and second books at the same time. I would suggest that everyone else does too.

destinationunknownTitle: Destination Unknown
Series: Remnants; Book 2
Author: K. A. Applegate
Genre: Science Fiction
Audience: Teen
ROTS Setting: CU, Modern, Apocalyptic, Space Travel, Aliens
Synopsis: When the world ended, there was the Eighty. Eighty people given the chance for survival. Given the chance to board a revamped space shuttle programmed to find them a new place to live. Somewhere to start over after an asteroid had destroyed the entire human race. Now, after a five-hundred-year “nap,” the Eighty have landed—but not everyone survived the trip. And some of those who did aren’t quite right. Actually, there are a lot of things that aren’t quite right—especially about the place the Eighty land. Half the terrain looks as if it’s been made of bright, crazy brush-strokes, the other is like a haunting black-and-white photograph. Jobs, 2Face, Mo’Steel, and the others don’t know if they’re on another planet. If they’re dreaming. Or if they are alive at all. But if they are alive, can they survive on this strange, new world…?
Recommendation: This book and series are In Dispute. Meaning there are equal reasons for and against recommending it. I would also say that this may be targeting a slight older audience that it may appear.

The Earth is long gone, both in time and distance. The questions now revolve around where are they and how are they going to survive.

Again, I found this book targeting an older audience. It’s intense and pretty brutal with dark twists. So keep that in mind.

The plot was much more rounded and the main plot lines are defining themselves. It had a good flow but I’m concerned with where it’s all headed. There’s a lot of weird stuff happening and it just seems to get weirder.

Jobs is still too clean and unbroken. He contrasts sharply with the other characters. The other characters are ok, but I’m not really connecting with any of them.

I might read more in this series but it will be out of pure curiosity. The science fiction parts are a bit too far out there for a Middle-grade book and it’s too simple for YA. This in-between feels odd and unsatisfying on either side.



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Remnants Series – Book 2: Destination Unknown – By K. A. Applegate

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