Dec-Feb Book Haul

IMG_20180303_123707.jpgThis is mostly just to catch up on the few books I got in December (and failed to post about) along with a few we got from a friend since she was moving out of the state.


  • Witch & Wizard by James Patterson (Witch & Wizard #1)
  • The Gift by James Patterson (Witch & Wizard #2)
  • The Fire by James Patterson (Witch & Wizard #3)
  • The Kiss by James Patterson (Witch & Wizard #4)
  • The Lost by James Patterson (Witch & Wizard #5)
  • The Revenge of the Shadow King by Derek Benz & J. S. Lewis (Grey Griffins #1)
  • Seventh Son by Joseph Delaney (Last Apprentice #1-2)

These were all books from the friend I mentioned already. There were a couple of others but we either already had them or they didn’t sound good. Any thoughts on these?


I got these during the latter half of December. I absolutely loved the first book of Ms. Lu’s Legend Trilogy so the sequel was a no-brainer. Likewise The Battle for Skandia and The Escape help me fill out those series. But World War Z was kind of an impulse buy. I generally don’t like zombie-anything but I thought the movie had an interesting feel so I’m willing to give the book a shot.

As for new books, I finally got Lisa to try Adventures Wanted and she finished all 5 books this past week and subsequently bought the eBook versions when she encountered the same problems I did with the library. So my evil plan has worked perfectly….I totally meant for this all to happen.

I’ve also decided to just bite-the-bullet and buy Animorphs #8 since it’s the only one I’m missing until #21. That will give me a few months.

Lastly, I’ve sort of accepted two review requests, Iron of the Innocent: The Dark Judge by Daniel Bastion and The Tabernacle of Legion by Kevin Schillo. I hope to get to these this month or the beginning of next.


Dec-Feb Book Haul

One thought on “Dec-Feb Book Haul

  1. I read several of the last apprentice books. I gave up after book 5.

    Here’s a link to books 1 and 2 in case you want to check them out:
    It’s a whole month’s worth of reviews in one post,but the Delaney ones are about half way down.

    Never read any patterson, so you’re on your own there 🙂

    And hurrah for Skandia! I liked the Ranger’s Apprentice series and am glad Flanagan ended the series at Lost Stories *wink*

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