Pit Dragon Chronicles – Book 2: Heart’s Blood – By Jane Yolen

Jared? Is that you? It’s just been so long I didn’t recognize you.

It’s a little weird to think that the thing that finally brings you out of hiding is a romance.

heartsbloodTitle: Heart’s Blood
Series: Pit Dragon Chronicles; Book 2
Author: Jane Yolen
Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Audience: Teen
ROTS Setting: CU, distant future, dragons, dragon fights
Synopsis:  Jakkin risks everything — freedom, dragon Heart’s Blood, even his life — to rescue beloved Akki who vanished months ago in rebel cell on former prison planet Austar IV. He must become rebel spy Three for mysterious Senator Golden and carry an explosive satchel to the dragon pits. In this game he will lose no matter how well he plays.
Recommendation: This book is not recommended.

I didn’t enjoy this very much. In short it lacked the magic of the first.

For me, the first book was about the dragons and Jakkin. Ok, mostly just Jakkin, but the dragons were a useful way to develop and grow his character. And I think the combo created something special.

As for the second book? It’s clear the first was a one-shot turned series opener, but since it wasn’t written that way, the second has to do all the heavy lifting of the first while also progressing the characters…..It didn’t do either very good. What was once a character driven story must now be a plot driven series. And that’s what truly rubs me wrong. I don’t understand why galactic politics need to be involved, or rebels/terrorists, or a half-baked romance. Too much for such a thin book.

And that ending…….ugh.

Either way, I think I’ve read parts of this book too. Maybe an abridged version? I wasn’t really surprised by things. I’m also a lot less interested in reading the other books now.



Pit Dragon Chronicles – Book 2: Heart’s Blood – By Jane Yolen

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