Breaking Sky – By Cori McCarthy


Finished this book early this morning. Finally. I have so much to do with the holidays coming up and this book was difficult to get through. Anyway, check it out.

Breaking SkyTitle: Breaking Sky
Author: Cori McCarthy
Genre: Science Fiction
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: CU, Near Future
Synopsis: Set in a dystopian-esc America which has been backing into a lonely corner by Chinese drones, Chase “Nyx” Harcourt must battle daddy issues, cat fights, a psychotic psychologist turned school counselor, not being told about extremely classified information she doesn’t need to know, and not having her newest boy toy have a break down because she just wants him for his body……and she hasn’t even left the ground yet in one of only two super jets.
Recommendation: Even factoring in how I hate teen/high school drama, I still don’t recommend this book. Mild spoilers ahead.

– – Spoilers – –

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Breaking Sky – By Cori McCarthy