Sixth of the Dusk – By Brandon Sanderson

Hey Jared,

You’ll noticed that I’ve moved my Youth and Novella (or smaller) reviews from my usually Tuesdays to Mondays. There are a lot of new books being released in the coming months, especially in March, so the move will let me keep posting reviews twice a week. For those Tuesdays without a new release to announce we can come up with something.

Also, this is an actual Cosmere novella. A pretty good one too both as a standalone and as one of the many facets of the Cosmere universe.

sixthoftheduskTitle: Sixth of the Dusk
Series: Cosmere
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: Magic, Advanced Tech, Cosmere
Synopsis: The world is changing faster than Dusk can keep track of. As a trapper on one of the islands known as Pantheon. His ways are simple, steeped in tradition, and all of them are needed to survive the insanely hostile environment of the islands. But progress must be made and the islands, and their secrets, must be tamed.
Recommendation: A great read for Teens and up. If you like Sanderson then you already know what you’re getting. This novella is highly recommended.

Just a quick review of this little novella. It’s good. It’s really good which is what we’ve come to expect from Sanderson. I think I liked The Emperor’s Soul more but that isn’t a slight towards this book. Quite the contrary. This was an amazing read.

You get Sanderson’s amazing world building and magic systems, with solid characters and a simple plot that has a startling amount of depth. Having read Mistborn: Secret History it was nice to see more tie-ins to the larger Cosmere universe. From the books I’ve read so far there has been painfully few details, this book is still the same, but it does reinforce what little there is.

Really it was a pleasure to read and I’m left feeling satisfied with a just a hint of addiction withdrawal. Well played Sanderson, well played.



Sixth of the Dusk – By Brandon Sanderson

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