Seventh Tower – Book 4: Above the Veil – By Garth Nix


It was disturbingly difficult getting a hold of this book. The only one in the series not in the library system! Never-the-less, I have prevailed.

47625Title: Above the Veil
Series: Seventh Tower; Book 4
Author: Garth Nix
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Youth
ROTS Setting: UU/EU, Stone Age/Medieval, Magic
Synopsis: The Underfolk are restless. For a long time, they have kept quiet, occupying the lower levels of the Castle. But now they are going to be heard… Tal and Milla are no longer alone in their quest for the truth about their world. They have been joined by Crow, a rebel Underfolk, and his band of conspirators. They know many secrets about the Castle–and are on the verge of uncovering the greatest secret of all. The darkness is growing deeper. The shadows are growing stronger. And Tal and Milla are in greater danger than ever before.
Recommendation: A great short novel for an early reader. I wish this was around when I was in second grade.

This book was really good and on par with the first one. It was full of action and great progression to the storyline. The very beginning felt a little slow but it soon picked up and there is so much about to happen……’s wonderful.

Tal is finally learning! He still makes mistakes and he’s still himself, but he’s finally applying the many hard lessons he’s learned. However, he’s becoming increasingly torn between what needs to be done and saving his family. They coincide for the most part but eventually he’ll have to put one or the other first.

Milla is in an interesting phase where she is no longer confident in who she is. Her character doesn’t necessarily grow but it is changing and evolving. What she becomes is now more important than who she is……..I realize that’s cryptic and vague but that’s where she is right now.

The plot is deepening and twisting in so many different ways. This is a bridge book since it resolves many of the initial plot arcs but also starts or emphasizes new ones. Where we were at the beginning is far removed from where we end up. And the process was really well done.

In summary the final battle lies just below the horizon. Sort of the setup to the setup of the end. Might sound boring but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.


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Seventh Tower – Book 4: Above the Veil – By Garth Nix

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