June Book Haul

Finally, just a tiny little book haul. I still did my usual two trips to my usually hunting spot, there just wasn’t much there……or my collection is sufficiently large that I already had most of them.


  • Elvenblood by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey (Halfblood Chronicles #2)
  • Elvenborn by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey (Halfblood Chronicles #3)
  • Mystic Warrior by Tracy & Laura Hickman (Bronze Cantiles #1)
  • The Field Guide by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black (Spiderwick Chronicles #1)
  • The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan
  • The Message by K.A. Applegate (Animorphs #4)
  • Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game Sequel)

Elvenblood and Elvenborn were an accident. I was holding them while I searched for the first one and intended to put them back on the self but put the books I wanted back instead and didn’t notice until I was home.

Mystic Warrior was a great find! It’s been on my to-read list for years and I’d never gotten to……No excuses now. Spiderwick has intrigued me since the movie and again after reading Beyond Spiderwick. The Dinosaur Lords just felt epic, especially when G.R.R.M described it as a cross between GoT and Jurassic Park. Ender in Exile is another that I’ve been meaning to read. My biggest issue with the other Ender’s books is figuring out how/when they take place in reference to each other.


Thanks in no small part to all the attention we’ve gotten from our review of Linda Nagata’s The Last Good Man we’ve received several review requests and of those we accepted two because they were actually in our genres. I hope to get to these soon, targeting mid-July, but I make no promises.



The High Road by Ken Hughes which is currently out and was published Nov.11.2016. It’s an urban fantasy that’s sounds like it’s got a lot of potential. The flying is what got me.

Upon This Rock by David Marusek is set to release Jun.29.2017. Science and religion are set to collide when an object crashes in the remote wilderness of Alaska.


thaddammousThad Damous and the Intergalactic Conspiracy by Luke Samson says it was published a year and a half ago but doesn’t have any rating or reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. I probably should have looked a little more before entering the giveaway, but it’s slim pickings right now and wanted to be entered in something.

Have you ever wanted to spend your summer on an exciting adventure? Well, Thad Damous has and when he gets to his grandparents’ home, he finds an adventure that one can only dream about. Thad meets up with a hermit who lives in one of the caves in Coal Mountain behind his grandparents’ home. The hermit offers an adventure of a lifetime in another world called, M-Core. Thad ends up getting more than he bargained for, and meets a young girl his age. Together they seek to clear the hermit’s name while finding out who really is behind a strange conspiracy that involves transport tubes, spaceships, and a greedy man. Find out if Thad and Tera are able to solve the mystery and help save a man from jail – or worse.

Brand New

Since finishing The Last Good Man by Linda Nagata I’d been debating buying a copy. First, it’s a good book and I know I’m going to want to read it again, and second, I like supporting indie authors (even if finding the gems in the mountain of crap is often messy). So it was almost a certainty I would buy one, which brings up the next question. Physical or digital? I went physical (duh!), but after I’d checked out it informed me that since I got the physical I could now get the digital for $2……….You can guess how that went down.

June Book Haul

6 thoughts on “June Book Haul

    1. Crap, I forgot I can’t edit comments outside of my own wordpress. So…

      If you want book 1 of the Halfblood Chronicles, I can lend you a scanned copy. I own them in hardcover and have really enjoyed my reads of them.

      I hope the Mystic trilogy works for you. I ended up buying it in hardcover after I read through it in ’09. I should probably stick it into my re-read tbr rotation.That’ll be the real acid wash test. I do remember not caring for the ending though.

      As for Nagata’s book, where did you buy the hardcover and get the ecopy so cheap? I’d be interested if you’re willing to share the info.

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      1. The Nagata book is trade paperback so hardcopy not hardcover. It was just off Amazon and after checkout it said I could get the ebook for a reduced price. And 2 bucks for the convience of read anywhere and not worrying about lose or damage was worth it to me.

        I’ll get to Half-blood eventually. It’s just that if I haven’t read it I try not to buy the latter books without the first too.

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