August Book Haul

Going through the bookshelf I’ve been keenly aware about how many books I have waiting to be read and how slowly it takes for me to get through them. So I only went book hunting twice and got the bare minimum. No new ARCs or giveaway wins and I’m saving my new-book budget for this fall.


August 3rd Haul

  • Legend by Marie Lu (Legend #1)
  • Righteous Fury by Markus Heitz
  • Into The Labyrinth by Weis & Hickman (Death Gate #6)
  • The Seventh Gate by Weis & Hickman (Death Gate #7)
  • The Dragons at War edited by Weis & Hickman (Dragonlance Collection)
  • Relics and Omens edited by Weis & Hickman (Dragonlance Collection)
  • The Dark Queen by Michael & Teri Williams (Dragonlance, Villians #6)
  • The Mantle of Kendis-Dai by Weis & Hickman (Starshield #1)

I’ve heard really good things about Marie Lu’s Legend series. Righteous Fury was probably a mistake but it’s too late now……but it looks interesting. The rest are Weis & Hickman or Dragonlance books so they’re on my default buy.

August 25th Haul

I did really good with this trip. It helped that there was pretty much nothing there, but I’ll take it as a mark of self control. The Alcatraz series is amazing and Sanderson so they were a great find. Guts by Gary Paulsen is a behind the writing of Hatchet and Brian’s Saga with the real life stories and experiences that went into them. Lastly, Spiderwick Chronicles that I just read this month and want to keep around for kids.

Book Swap

Our apartment complex had a book swap so I took a bunch of the books I was planning to rehome and picked up The Count of Monte Cristo. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to reading it but it was literally the only thing there worth considering. (The whole book swap was a flop.)

August Book Haul

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