Hype Train #8 – Sanderson Update

Honestly, I’m just too lazy to go looking for more book news. So I’ll just stick with the update Brandon Sanderson gave a couple of weeks ago (Aug.31.2017).


In it he says that the Oathbringer manuscript  is officially finished with the traditional “stair toss” of said manuscript down a flight of stairs. We’re also informed about a Stormlight Archive soundtrack kickstarter (which I’m seriously considering), and a coming Mistborn coinage kickstarter.

We’re informed that his next writing project will be Apocalypse Guard, which he plans to write in quick succession over the next 6 months with breaks between for a couple of novellas. (Legion #3 might be one of them.) Release for AG looks to be starting Fall 2018 and then yearly after that, Mid-2019 and Mid-2020 respectively.

June–August: Apocalypse Guard One (Fall 2018 Release)
Early September: Legion 3 (Sometime 2018 Release)
Late September–December: Apocalypse Guard Two (Mid 2019 Release)
Late December: Random Novella
January–March: Apocalypse Guard Three (Mid 2020 Release)
April–July: Wax and Wayne Four (Series finale, Fall 2019 Release)
August–December: Undecided (Rithmatist 2, maybe?)
All months: Stormlight Four (Fall 2020 Release)

Even though we’re looking over the next 3 years it’s still very exciting and deeply impressive to see how dedicated Mr. Sanderson is. Only 3 months for a Middlegrade/YA novel or novella in a month! DAAAAANG!


Hype Train #8 – Sanderson Update

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