Adventurers Wanted – Book 2: The Horn of Moran – By M. L. Forman

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hornofmoranTitle: The Horn of Moran
Series: Adventurers Wanted; Book 2
Author: M. L. Forman
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Youth
ROTS Setting: EU/AU, Medieval, Higher Magic, Dragons
Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old wizard-in-training Alex Taylor and his band of fellow adventurers battle a goblin army, navigate an enchanted forest, and try to solve the sphinx’s riddle in their quest to find the lost Horn of Moran and return it to Norsland before the nation erupts in war.
Recommendation: Highly recommend this series. Great for younger and older readers alike.

This review is going to be brief because there’s not much to say. Probably the worst book in the series, it was still a decent read. The problem is mostly that it’s attempting to setup the rest of the series. So the result is a fairly choppy story. The MC’s development plateaus  but we get hints at where it might go.

It kind of felt like a plane being stuck in a holding pattern while the guys on the ground get everything setup because they hadn’t quite expected the plane would actually take off. Nothing wrong with that but the experience isn’t the greatest.

Thankfully the series gets much, much better as it goes on.



Adventurers Wanted – Book 2: The Horn of Moran – By M. L. Forman

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