The Icarus Corps – Book 1: The Darkside War – By Zachary Brown

Hiya Jared,

When I was browsing the shelves and stumbled across this, I was surprised to see how short it was. It’s not quite novella length but it’s certainly close. It’s small size and my wanting to read it for a few months sealed the deal.

thedarksidewar.jpgTitle: The Darkside War
Series: The Icarus Corps; Book 1
Author: Zachary Brown
Genre: Science Fiction
Audience: Adult
ROTS Setting: CU, Near-Future, Aliens, FTL, Advanced Tech
Synopsis: People used to wonder if we were alone in the universe. Well, we’re not. Not by a long shot. Aliens come in all shapes and sizes, and even the good guys are likely to haunt your nightmares. And oh, you’ll have nightmares, even after you leave the service. If you leave the service. Devin is a reluctant conscript to an alien-run army: when the Accordance conquered Earth, they said it was to prepare against the incoming alien Conglomeration forces. But as Devin travels to the dark side of the moon for boot camp and better acquaints himself with his so-called allies, his loyalties are increasingly tested. Because the enemy of the enemy is not always a friend. Sometimes they’re a far, far worse threat.
Recommendation: This book is recommended. Note, there are scientific inaccuracies….like more than just made up tech.

It was surprisingly good. The very beginning had me very nervous. There was something that made it feel rough, and the setting worried me. However once the book got going it evened out and I enjoyed the rest of it……more or less.

The MC, Devin, was alright. He had some interesting points but in the end he came across as being a little generic. The problem with generic is that generic tends to become forgettable. And while Devin isn’t quite forgettable, he’s not exactly memorable either.

When it came to setting, aliens have invaded because they’re at war, there’s a lot that can happen. I was afraid this would be a rebellion/overthrow-the-aliens kind of story but it thankfully wasn’t. (Nothing against those kinds of stories, I just wasn’t feeling it at the time.) Instead we get many, many layers of knowledge and intrigue with Devin at the heart of it…….And a bombshell at the end.

So all that’s pretty good…..but there was one thing that stood out glaringly wrong. The moon. (Part of that is because I’d just finished Andy Weir’s Artemis. Curse you, Andy Weir, and your accurate portrayal of living on the moon!) Ok, so basically there were several basic facts about the moon that were either glossed over or flat out wrong. The first and foremost being, the darkside of the moon………it’s not always dark and that terminology is wildly inaccurate. And the book’s title is a part of that. A corrected title would be The Farside War, or something. Second, if you “dump the atmosphere” water boils at room temperature at that pressure. You also can’t then release toxic gas and expect it to stick around. Third, things (like dust) in low gravity and near-vacuum don’t hang in the air because there’s no air to keep them from coming back down. In fact without an atmosphere all object would fall at the same rate regardless of size or mass. (See feather/bowling ball drop in vacuum)

Obviously this was more fiction than science and a few things rubbed me the wrong way, but as a whole it ended up being entertaining and I’m eager to read more and find out what happens. Not high praise but it’s a good read that I’d recommend.



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The Icarus Corps – Book 1: The Darkside War – By Zachary Brown

6 thoughts on “The Icarus Corps – Book 1: The Darkside War – By Zachary Brown

  1. Are there more written in this series? That cover looks cool and the things you pointed out aren’t the kind of thing that bother me (unless I’m in a mood and LOOKING for things to tear into). So if there are more, I might check these out.

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